Your master plan should include the location of the retail, bar/cafe outlet.  The choice of whether you use all of the site, or only a portion or portions of the site is also up to you, but the proposals must be made for the whole site area.  You are also to detail design a single permanent beach shelter to be located on the site.

 Your beach shelter should be capable of being used to sleep in overnight occasionally and it should be able to accommodate two adults and one child overnight as a minimum. An area suitable for the simple preparation of food and a toilet/shower facility should also be considered.

Perhaps you see this shelter as self- contained, or perhaps with shared facilities as on camping sites, or every two units or so sharing facilities, the choice is yours. The exact schedule of accommodation on the site is for you to formulate, what other facilities do we need to provide to enable the activity to be fully successful?

The material, structural and constructional options and opportunities are for you to decide.