There is a serious shortage of housing in England, a situation made more difficult by the lack of availability of suitable land. At the same time, most work carried out by architects takes the form of alterations or extensions to existing buildings, and many of our graduates have gone on to take positions in the internationally leading conservation practices.

This project will prepare you to take on both those tasks in the future, by designing new homes whilst relating to a sensitive urban context.

Short video showing an overview of the project.

Site analysis including a case study of St George’s House, study of materiality and public to private thresholds on the site.

Two main concepts: public to private thresholds and the integration of nature. Three groups of clients specific to Sandwich’s demography: a family, a young couple and a retired couple.

Presentation of two precedents for the architecture and three for the landscape design. Sketches and models showing design development.

Masterplan of the site showing the integration of nature from the river into town.

Section through the masterplan showing the use of levels to create public to private thresholds.

Views of the three public spaces: water features, a playground and an outdoor exposition space.

Plans and elevations of one housing unit.

Sections through the site and through one housing unit showing the changes of level, delimitating public and private spaces.

Interior views  of each group of  clients’ unit: the maisonette for the family, the flat for the retired couple and the flat for the younger couple.

Sections and diagrams explaining the construction and the environmental strategy for the project. The orientation of the dwelling also influences its environmental strategy.

2019-08-18 (19)
A well-presented proposal. Successful computer model which describes the proposal in detail - work in 3D modelling to enhance design development and descriptions of the final proposal. - 2:1
Jasmine Davey
Module Design Tutor