Create a design for a retreat complex providing overnight accommodation. Almost all retreats combine mental reflection with physical activity or work, regulated via a degree of self-direction on a daily cycle.

This is a search for a new relationship between architecture and landscape: architecture becomes landscape and landscape becomes architecture – inside and outside blend to form a new environment.


Site analysis including two sections through the site, history of the context, sunpath and sound description.


Study of sunlight and existing landscape, with average temperature table, sunpath diagram, description of shading and textures.

Precendent studies introducing the ‘engawa’ of Kengo Kuma’s Glass Wood House, the art deco style of the Chrysler Building and the atmosphere of the Sevres Babylonne Hermes Boutique in Paris.

Two main concepts: the ‘engawa’ for its aesthetics, as a social space and as a shading device; and the rood screen, as a spacial dividor and a partition for privacy.

Project program with masterplan progress. Study of approach to landscape with texture, density, lights and color psychology.

Construction techniques deeply inspired by the ones used for Kengo Kuma’s Glass Wood House.

Environmental strategy with shading devices, the engawa and the rood screens, rigid phenolic foam insulation, earth tubes and double skin glass facades for stack ventilation.

Masterplan with planting diagram following color psychology theory. The choice of each plant has been made according to its optimum conditions to grow to grow as well as its smell, color and seasonal blooming.

Sketches showing the use of rood screens in the passageways between the units of the site.

Plans, elevations and sections through the ‘public/day’ area of the site including the entrance, restaurant, bar and glasshouse.

Plans, elevations and sections through the ‘private/night’ area of the site including the bedrooms, the library and the spa.

2019-08-18 (19)
Persuasive site plan and use of ‘Engawa’ however there is so much detail missing which is verbally described but not shown on your sheets. - 2:2
Felicity Atekpe
Module Design Tutor